Phiphen Studios


  • Turn-key office space for short and long form projects
  • Private offices
  • Executive offices
  • Conference room
  • Open work area

boutique edit rental

  • All project sizes accompdated
  • Customized and configured for DaVinci Resolve, FCP, Adobe Premier, AMC
  • Screen edits reviewed directly in Phiphens 4K Screening

Sound mixing

  • Sound Design
  • Sound Editorial
  • Recording: ADR and VO
  • 5.1 Mixing

Digital Intermediate

  • Online Editorial
  • Color grade in 4K DI Theater or DI Suite
  • Color from RAW Files


  • Digital Cinema Packaging (DCP)
  • Services for IMF
  • LTO Data Archive
  • File Conversions and transcodes for SDR and HDR